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Dec 14, 2018

It’s Aloha Friday! Due to discolored meat, Stever shut down all sandwich eating operations. Steve and Garry marry a couple in Hawaii on today’s 40 years segment. 5 of the top 50 burritos are in Illinois. A Floridiot killed an alpaca by feeding it peanuts. Plus, a naked man was chased by cops!

Dec 13, 2018

Uh oh…Steve shares a story about dropping his phone in a pool. A company is offering 100,000 to someone if they give up their smartphone for a whole year. Our very own Bob and Ron stop by for “Dag’s Rock Challenge”. Brendan attended Cameo’s holiday party and interviewed Steve Galanis, co-founder and CEO of...

Dec 12, 2018

Steve and the boys take more calls to reminisce on their final days of the radio show. Joe Walsh is featured on todays 40 year cut. Chicago is America's new beer capital. Chocolate and chaos erupts in the streets of Germany due to a factory leak. Plus a Floridiot!

Dec 11, 2018

It’s Talk To Me Tuesday! Steve and the boys take calls ranging from new podcast subscribers, to throwback trivia, to paranoid parody songs. If you want to participate, there is only one more Talk To Me Tuesday left! Brendan tries to break into WLS News for a special report on Uno’s 75th year anniversary of the deep...

Dec 10, 2018

Steve gives a brief recap of last nights Chicago Bears game. The origin story of hiding the holiday pickle ornament is discussed. Find out favorite holiday movies by state. Brendan had a contact lens nightmare. A mom sends a letter to Amazon about daughter being bullied because her name is Alexa.